Departments Training-Occupational Therapy

The Training and at the same time the Occupational Therapy of the service users in the corresponding departments contributes to:
  • The identification and the enhancement of their physical abilities and skills
  • The learning and development of specific vocational knowledge in relation to the subject of training
  • The satisfaction that the creative and productive occupation gives to the trainee
  • The confidence provided by the systematic vocational training
  • To the substantial preparation and support of the individual for equal participation in occupation
  • The preservation of traditional crafts        

In order to achieve the above goals the Workshop “PANAGIA ELEOUSA” has developed the following departments: 

Sewing Department: There is training in the techniques of creating sewing products (slippers, beauty cases, table clothes, etc.)    
Floriculture Department: Our service users are trained in countryside tasks (floriculture, vegetable growing etc) as well as in greenhouse tasks (cultivating indoor plants)      
Ceroplastics Department (decorative candles): The service users are trained to produce candles of different sizes and designs, which thereafter they decorate with original materials.  
Ceroplastics Department (Church candles): The trainees are trained in the production of church candles, which are promoted to the Holy Churches of our area.    
Silk-Screen printing and Bookbinding Department: There is training in the art of Silk-Screen Printing (printing cards, on textiles etc) as well  as in bookbinding tasks.
Folk Art Department: There is training provided for the production of folk art products (worry beads-komboloi, key rings, bookmarks, etc.).
Weaving Department: The service users learn the art of weaving at traditional looms (rugs, mats etc.). 

Artificial Ageing of Religious Icons Department: The service users are trained at the art of picture ageing at all sizes. 
Ceramics Department: There is training at the production of useful ceramic objects which thereafter are decorated (vases, ashtrays, bombonieres -wedding/baptism “favors” etc.).     
Pastries, jam and traditional Greek spoon sweets production Department: The service users learn how to make small honey cakes (melomakarona), Greek almond crescents (kourabiedes), biscuits, homemade jams, Greek spoon sweets and homemade liqueurs.
Office Tasks Department: The service users are trained at the use of the telephone, the fax machine, the photocopier, the computer, the distribution of documents within the services of the organization.  
Information Technology Department: This department was created after the request of our service users. The training curriculum was given to us by an organization in Ireland, in EPR network.
Environmental Training Department: Lessons on environmental training are given and at practical level recycling programs are implemented.
  For the implementation of all the training programs educational methods tailored to the specific needs of people with intellectual disabilities are used such as imitation, task analysis, repetition, the visual display, etc.

Account Number of the NATIONAL BANK of Greece: 412/29612373, IBAN: GR5701104120000041229612373, Swift Code (BIC): ETHNGRAA in which the friends of the Workshop can deposit, if they wish, their potential donations after contacting the accounting department at the phone numbers: 0030 26310 26321 & 00302641039750.